Mic Mang’s Second Mixtape…

Posted: July 5, 2011 by eptarheels23 in Music
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Courtesy of bullcitystateofmind.com

Will be titled Been There Heard That and will be released sooner than you think. Check the jump for singles + the official artwork + unreleased Mic Mang + keep checking back frequently as it will be updated when more things get released!

Pretty dope artwork

Conscience “The song is called Conscience, and it sees Mic in a battle against himself. It features a dope Red Hot Chili Peppers sample, and serves as a great follow up single to keep the fans excited. So preview the track below and download it if you like it. Let us know your thoughts by commenting as well. Expect the new music to keep being released. Enjoy.” – micmang.blogspot.com
Download here

Download an unreleased, old Mic Mang track titled Falling to Pieces here. (Trust me, you’re going to want to)
“This is a song recorded a few months back that didn’t land on any official project, so to hold
you over until the next single we thought we’d give you this. It was meant to be the intro for a project
called Falling to Pieces, but that entire concept was scratched.” – micmang.blogspot.com

As an extra I’ll throw up two more tracks that were on Soundcloud:
Dead Presidents
The first is Mic Mang going in over the Jay-Z classic

The second is an old track (I think), but it still goes

Check out Mic Mang’s blog here and download his first mixtape,Wishes Are Real , here.


“Yep, exactly three months after the release of his first mixtape. Mic Mang has been hard at work in the studio, and this 15 track mixtape is the result. With every song featuring a sample; some you’ll recognize and some you won’t, it is really a great project. Check back here on July 12th or on his new bandcamp which we will be linking you too in a few days for the full mixtape. Below is a track 10 off the project called Smile Like You Mean It. The song which includes a sample from the song Any Other World by Mika is a nice switch up for Mic Mang. Download can be found right below. Enjoy and remember…..JULY 12th.” – micmang.blogspot.com

Smile Like You Mean It

Download here

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