Five Great Hot Dogs on the 4th: Best Celebrations/Reactions

Posted: July 4, 2011 by mceagle611 in Sports
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As many celebrations will take place on the fourth – weather permitting – we on the Eastside are going to take a look back at the best celebrations in sports for the first half of the sporting year. We hope you enjoy the rest of your fourth, in addition to your holiday weekend. We’ve compiled a few of the most memorable “hot dogs” in sports (some hilarious, some serious, some historical); enjoy and leave a comment below if you think any got left out of the mix – I would love to watch other’s that I have forgotten.

1 – Terrell “The Star” Owens – TO the team destroyer puts his mark on Dallas before he even signed with Jerry Jones’ Dallas Cowboys. He trots out to mid-field and poses for the fans; although his second celebration is where it gets extremely comical.

2 – The Original Lambeau Leap – Obviously one of the most historical dogs of all-time, the Lambeau Leap perfected by LeRoy Butler is still celebrated today. Except it was in 1993…not 1776!

3 – Iceland Team Celebrates with Salmon – Icelandish Soccer Team, Goal, Salmon! Yes, all the above apply.

4 – Tiger’s Classic 2005 Master’s Roar – The only time I ever enjoyed listening to Verne Lundquist was this moment, when Tiger fist pumped in a ball that sat on the hole before it fell in; the most improbable shot in his historic career.

5 – Equitorial Guinea Fan Reaction – This is just flat-out funny. This year’s Women’s World Cup produced the best reaction thus far in 2011.

Happy Independence Day!

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