NBA Lockout: Oh, Here We Go Again..

Posted: July 1, 2011 by mceagle611 in Sports
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This morning I woke up, flipped on the TV, and turned the channel to what I thought would be ESPN’s Sportscenter; but I was wrong..very wrong. The daily sports new television show has been taken off the air, it has now been replaced by a show that I perceive to be Businesscenter as the NBA has joined the NFL in locking out it’s players.

All mildly comical jokes aside, the NBA’s owners and players associations could not reach a collective bargaining agreement yesterday afternoon – as expected – and a second major professional sport has moved to a work stoppage. We thought the worst news would be that the NFL was locked out for half of a season until just weeks ago when news surfaced that their may be an even more grotesque argument amongst the owners and the players of the National Basketball Association. So unforgiving that many media personal with inside sources have specified multiple times via television and internet that the Lockout could be so severe that it may swallow the 2011-2012 season.

After one of the most captivating and intriguing years of NBA Basketball in recent memory on both the Eastern and Western Conferences- in wake of LeBron transferring his talents to South Beach, a monster free agency period, middle-pack teams making playoff noise, etc. – we are now faced with the fact that NBA facilities were padlocked along with the news that was made official at midnight on Friday morning. Players not being able to compensate and Owners being a bit too greedy were both factors that played a large role in stoppage. However this mostly affects the image of the NBA as a whole.

Think about all the ‘casual’ fans – what I mean is casual sports fans – that invested their interest into this year’s NBA regular and playoffs because it was the first year in some time that the lay-out had changed significantly in one off-season; now the NBA is about to lose those fans. That’s the real kicker for me in this type of scenario because with a short season looming, in my complete and honest opinion, only the hardcore NBA fans – such as myself – will return to follow the league as the season returns. I agree with ESPN First Take’s Skip Bayless, for once, when he said ‘just as I thought that maybe the NBA was getting up to even par with the MLB as far as the second most important professional sport, something like this happened.’

Its true, the NBA just had a season that was even better than they ever could have wished for in light of the criticisms of the Miami Heat, significant trades before the deadline, and the rise of new talent and you are telling me that the owners couldn’t take a somewhat minor hit only to have a huge future increase in respect to capital gains as well as fan interest? Come on David, think!

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NBA Commissioner David Stern, 68, has seen this episode before in 1998 as they locked the players out only to have a 50-game season when it was all said and done. Clearly not what anyone wants, but quite a few owners have emphasized that they are not afraid of a vacant 2011-2012 season. No, it’s not a great time to be an NBA fan, ladies and gentleman, and this is why no one likes the non-entertainment side of professional sports; there is always the business end that everyone forgets about, but it has to be dealt with.

So hopefully this piece of advice will suffice: go home and watch some baseball and golf, sports fans, unless you want to hibernate over the course of the summer that lies ahead; one that promises to be boring, uneventful, and business related in the sports department. Yes, very unfortunate, but it’s going to be a long ass summer to say the least because there is now no evading a lockout.

  1. footballnutz17 says:

    Unbelievable, only way I can put it

    • mceagle611 says:

      Do you know that I heard today that even if the players tweet at or retweet something that one of their coaches or anyone involved in the organization – discluding the players obviously – said then they will be fined a million bucks! Harsh.

      • footballnutz17 says:

        Is that covered in the CBA that specifically “Twitter” is the place where that takes place? WHAT? Kobe gets fined 100 G’s for saying faggot and if a player says “hi” to a coach they get fined a mill?

      • mceagle611 says:

        That’s what I’m saying is messed up. All I know is that Stern specifically identified certain ways and situations in which the players could be fined.

  2. footballnutz17 says:


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