Derek Jeter’s Return: The Captain Has 3,000 in Sight

Posted: June 30, 2011 by mceagle611 in Sports
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Three thousand hits in one career is an achievement that only 27 other MLB players have accomplished in their careers. It’s a magical number and among the list are some of the all-time greats; Cal Ripken Jr., Willie Mays, Pete Rose, and Ty Cobb. It was the main plot in a movie starring the deceased Bernie Mack – Mr.3000 – and the bottom-line is that it is one hell of a spectacle.

The New York Yankee captain, and shortstop, Derek Jeter was tearing through the New York competition only two and a half weeks ago; it looked like nothing was going to stop him. Then this happened..

All I heard on Sportscenter for the next week was something along the lines of Jeter struggling through this injury and the trainers were unsure if Jeter would be ready to go at the end of the 15 day period in which they put him on the Disabled List. So after his calf injury, extremely difficult rehab, and 11-3 record in the 14 games he was out, Jeter looks to join the 3000 club as the 28th member sometime this next week. It will likely be next week as news came out this morning that he intends to make his highly anticipated return on Independence Day – Monday – against the Cleveland Indians.

The unfortunate fact that lies in his expected return date, however, is that it is in Cleveland. Away from Yankee stadium where, before he was injury, he had 2 more games in New York to get the job done. Now if Jeter wants to get his 3,000th hit in front of a ruckus Yankee crowd – that will be ready to honor the captain once he gets it – it will have to wait until Thursday the 7th when they take on the Tampa Bay Devil Rays in an in-division rivalry. Therefore only as everything unfolds this week, will we then be equip to make predictions on when Jeter will complete this incredible feat. Although, I’m sure that Jeter will be more worried about doing the things he has to do to deliver a win for New York; not so much about a couple of hits.

In an exceptional career Jeter was there to pull the Yank’s out of many bad times, whether it was getting it done offensively or defensively. Now the team and Yankee Nation is behind him in a bad time, as they are helping him work towards a successful recovery. As MLB fans, all of our eyes will be on the recovered Jeter to see when he will fulfill his destiny as part of the 3,000 club; assuring him a spot in Cooperstown when it’s all said and done. Jeter needs 6 more hits as he sits at number 2,994.

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