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Riding the success of The Original Dom Kennedy tape which clocked in at number 20 on my Top 25 Albums of the Year (So Far) list and the acclaim of From Westside With Love mixtape, which dropped in 2010 and was one of the top projects of the year, Dom Kennedy released From Westside With Love II on June 28th. He hails from Leimert Park in Los Angeles and will often be heard saying “Leimert Park what’s cool?” in most of his songs. The thing that Dom Kennedy does the best, is really just have that Cali sound to him. Everything about just has that west coast California vibe. Dom has been on the come up for quite some time now and he is finally starting to reach superstar status.

Dom Kennedy first started to gain some steam with the release of Future Street/Drug Sounds which contained the local hit Watermelon Sundae. It was played widely on local radio stations and was performed many times in the Leimert Park area, which brought local stardom to Dom. Dom Kennedy really blew up in March 2010 with the release of From Westside With Love as it has over 100,000 downloads. It featured many standouts such as In Memory Of, The 4 Heartbeats, Choose Up and Love the Future, but the best cut (and Dom Kennedy record to date) is Locals Only.

This is jazzy song and Dom does it justice. The chorus is definitely a sing along “she asked me where I came from, I told her where ya headed, back to LA? I said baby what ya reppin?, I got these ideas and I’m tryin to make some records, so when the train stops this time I’ma catch it” Dom continuously drops knowledge in this song and describes his past and his motivation. The other true standout is The 4 Heartbeats as it is perfectly made for tons of spins on the radio. I’m not usually a fan of this type of stuff, but it will definitely get tons of listens from me. From Westside With Love was a huge success and it propelled Dom Kennedy to a whole new level as an artist. Then in early 2010, out of nowhere, Dom Kennedy dropped The Original Dom Kennedy. It was no where near on the level as From Westside With Love as it really only had two songs in my mind that could be put on repeat for some time to come. Those two tracks are Goodbye and Can’t Let Go. While these will be played over and over for some good time, I expected more out of a Dom Kennedy mixtape. Then a couple of days ago Dom Kennedy dropped the sequel to his critically acclaimed From Westside With Love. In my mind it didn’t come up to the same level as the original, but it was pretty damn close. From Westside With Love II contained features from artists such as Big K.R.I.T., Asher Roth, Schoolboy Q, The Cool Kids and Casey Veggies. It was stacked from front to back as it featured standouts such as Dom’s Prayer, When I Come Around, I Love Dom, New Jeeps, 2 MPH and Beats Hoes and Rhymes. It was very similar to the original in the way it was built and the structure of the tape. The only major difference is that it had many more features and that those features where from big name artists.

Dom Kennedy is part of the “new west” era and is helping bring it back to the promised land. He really embodies the spirit of the west coast and have that Cali feel to him. I would highly recommend that you download From Westside With Love and if you really like that then go support a true musician and get From Westside With Love II on iTunes. I would only suggest you download The Original Dom Kennedy unless you love both projects as it was just really for the diehard fans to enjoy.

Download: Dom Kennedy – From Westside With Love

Download: Dom Kennedy – From Westside With Love II (iTunes)

Download: Dom Kennedy – The Original Dom Kennedy

The 4 Heartbeats (feat. Overdoz)

Choose Up

Love the Future


Watermelon Sundae

Pac Div – Everybody Knows Us (feat. Dom Kennedy & cARTer)
This isn’t by Dom Kennedy, but he really bodies the beat, so I’m throwing it up here as an extra

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