Extreme Sports: The World’s Most Unbelievable Golf Hole

Posted: June 26, 2011 by mceagle611 in Sports
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Courtesy of richtigteuer.de/tag/ball

If you have $1060 to burn this summer then allow me to introduce the best way to spend it; the adrenaline rush that you will remember for the rest of your life. The Legends Golf and Safari Resort, located in South Africa’s north-eastern Limpopo Province, has an 18-hole course which was designed by PGA golfers such as Trevor Immelman and Sergio Garcia. After you play a round of golf and your feeling pretty confident about your game, then don’t go get a drink, go up to the 19th hole…thats right…the 19th hole.

One of the rarest spectacles in all of sports, the 19th hole cost a little over a thousand dollars – the cost includes a souvenir cap, a DVD of you playing the hole, a glove…oh and a helicopter ride to the tee. The tee box is elevated 430 meters above ground-level on a mountain as this hole is the longest and highest par-3 in the world. Quite a sight to see, the hole will challenge any golfer’s fear – as the tee box is literally on the edge of the steep mountain – and patience – because it is extremely unlikely that you will reach the green on your first shot. Even the green is cunning and creative as it is formed to resemble the whole entire continent of Africa.

One of the first questions that likely popped into your head is has anyone ever completed the hole in one stroke? The answer, according to a report done on the hole on smh.com, is not even close. In fact, in my research I have determined that the only golfer ever to card a 3 (par) on the hole is PGA golfer and Rory McIlroy lover Padraig Harrington. Think about if you got a hole-in-one on this hole, it would definitely be a marvel to remember for the rest of your life. Now what if I told you that if you got a hole-in-one on the 19th hole – an accomplish thought to be impossible – you would walk away $1 million richer? It’s true, the prize for such an unlikely achievement will be well deserved by the first golfer to card a 1 on the hole.

I’m starting to think that Tiger Woods needs to card a hole-in-one here at the 19th to get his game back.

In closing, definitely one of the most intriguing holes in golf – if not the most intriguing – the 19th hole is a dazzling display that will always be a top point on the golf mountain (pun intended). If you have any interest in playing the hole and you really want to capture the million dollar prize with a hole-in-one but are afraid of losing $1060 each time you play the hole then just think of it this way…you have 943 tries (at $1060 each time you play the hole) to make a profit. Cheers and Good Luck to those who play the hole – you’re going to need it!

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