Album Review: Wishes Are Real by Mic Mang

Posted: June 25, 2011 by eptarheels23 in Album Review, Music
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Mic Mang is an up and coming rapper from Chapel Hill and he just graduated from East Chapel Hill High School last year. He has managed to garner some buzz around the Chapel Hill area for some time now and with the release of his first official mixtape, Wishes Are Real, he is more widely known than ever. Upon listening to Wishes Are Real I could tell the potential that he posses as an artist, he sounds a little unpolished but that will just get better with time. That being said, you can tell he has some serious skills behind the mic as his voice and flow are noticeable right away. See how Mic Mang’s debut mixtape fared below!

1: Who I Am (Intro) 4/5
Mic Mang opens with a pretty good intro as he shows what he is capable of behind the mic. The beat and his flow on here are both pretty sick. This is the perfect intro for Mic Mang to use on Wishes Are Real.

2: Take Me Home (feat. Hard Target) 5/5
The first official single for Wishes Are Real might be the true standout on the entire tape and was the main reason I even took this tape for a spin in the first place. The beat on Take Me Home is sick and stands out on its own, but the real star of the show is the hook. As Hard Target really steals the show for me; the hook was stuck in my head for days to come.

3: She’s Gone 4.5/5
This cut is all about the sample. The “no sunshine” sample is dope and right from the beginning I was feeling it. His flow on here is top notch and his second verse is off the chain. If he could just find the equation for that verse and channel it through out the entire mixtape, he would have taken his art to the next level.

4: Time Machine (feat. 40_Below) 5/5
The second that piano laid down at the beginning, I was hooked. It is really calm and smooth but it still goes hard in its own way. Mic Mang also brings the lyrics to match the killer beat, which shows how good he is an artist. Also 40_Below kills the hook on this one, it really adds to the overall feel of the entire song.

5: Higher (feat. Anna) 3.5/5
At first I couldn’t really stand this song, but after a few listens it really grew on me. The lyrics and hook on it are right at home and embody the “wishes are real” theme. His flow at first seems a little off beat, but then he picks back up with his dope flow.

6: Thank You 4/5
I really love the concept behind this song, but I feel like it should have been the last song on the tape. Considering that it is titled Thank You, it should have been last just so that is the last thing left in your mind. Back to the actual song, the beat on it is laid back and his flow is pretty tight. He really does walk the line of “riding the beat a little too hard” really close on this one, but I feel like it makes the song that much better.

7: Can I Make It? (feat. 40_Below) 5/5
The feel on this track is top notch and the simple beat at the beginning sets up the perfect intro to one of the best tracks so far. Mic Mang drop some killer verses as he slows down his flow, but leaves nothing to be desired. Once again Mic Mang recruits 40_Below to get the hook and once again he kills it.

8: How I Live 2.5/5
From the second I heard that old school sample, I already hated this song. This is also the shortest song off the tape, which ends up being a great thing. Definitely a pass for me.

9: Depression 3.5/5
Mic Mang follows up one pass with another. I’m not a huge fan of this beat, as the lyrics to this song are some of the best so far, but the beat just really turned me away from the start.

10: Dreamin’ (feat. Logan Chapman) 3/5
Mic Mang took more of a mainstream, radio approach on this one. The verses are below average for him as they seemed like they were uninspired. The hook by Logan Chapman manages to rescue the whole track from complete disaster.

11: It’s Happenin’ 4/5
I am really digging the beat on the joint. It’s really simplistic and paints a perfect canvas for Mic Mang to spit over. I like how the hook almost seems like it was part of the verses. Mic Mang’s flow on here is some of the better on the entire tape and I think it really shows how much he has grown throughout the mixtape.

12: I Hate You (feat. Eve Devonport) 5/5
Probably the most mainstream song on Wishes Are Real and Mic Mang scored a huge hit with this one. The beat is sick and Mic Mang flows really well throughout the entire song. Also Eve Devonport adds the best hook so far on the tape. I actually think this might impact the mainstream radio soon. This will probably end up being the most popular cut on Wishes Are Real as it appeals to almost everyone, from the rapping, to the R&B beat, to the pop hook.

13: Camera Man 5/5
This by far the best lyrical track off of Wishes Are Real. He really does his thing on here. The vocabulary is top notch and with more tracks like this, he will appeal to a lot more hip hop heads. The beat also goes and Mic Mang doesn’t try to over power it, walking the line perfectly.

14: The Thrill 4/5
The Thrill is the smoothest track so far as it almost had the electronic MGMT feel to it. That really makes it standout from the other tracks. His second verse has some killer flow and I can definitely jam to this. That being said, I feel like something is missing from this song. I’m just not sure what that is.

All in all, Mic Mang’s debut effort, Wishes Are Real really showed how good he can be. It had its highs and lows and you can tell he put a lot of effort into this. I really want him to sound more polish by the time of his second project. With a new mixtape on the way soon, expect big things from the Chapel Hill native in the near future.

Check out Mic Mang’s blog here and download Wishes Are Real here.

  1. joeschmoe says:

    how did you not like dreamin’ its by far the best song off the mixtape.

  2. Roy Yo Tith says:

    so you dont like dreamin (which i also think is by far the best) partly due to it being pretty mainstream, but what you claim as probably the most mainstream song is a huge hit?
    and im pretty sure neither of them are mainstream at all cuz they do not play on the radio

  3. allen nough says:

    This review is oddly similar to the Bull City State of Mind one.

  4. eptarheels23 says:

    We are friends of BCSOM and have both read the review but in no way did we use it

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