Artist On the Rise: StartYourOwnRebellion

Posted: June 23, 2011 by eptarheels23 in Artist On the Rise, Music
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Your probably super confused from the picture above, just hear me out. About a month ago, I saw that there was this new song released titled Let It Go by StartYourOwnRellebion and it featured J. Cole. It got the download based solely on the J. Cole guest appearance and I really liked the song and all. But about a week ago I decided to download the whole mixtape from StartYourOwnRellebion. I thought they were just a normal rap group, nothing weird about them. But boy could I have been farther from the truth.

Let me start off with what on earth StartYourOwnRellebion is. The group consists of four total members, Maza, Kid.Digit-Ø and producers 07017 and Ceddy. They are also signed to J. Cole’s DreamVillian label. Sounds normal, right? Think again. They are a completely virtual band (think the Gorillaz) and their story is even weirder. As their website states: “We are S.Y.O.R Our members are Maza, Kid.Digit-ø, Ceddy and 07017. We have come together to free the world from the evil Cozack Corporation. For the last 700 years, every single Global President has been under the control of Kerry A. Cozack through an advanced version of the civilian chips you have lodged in your forearms. Aside from being watched constantly, you are also being robbed of your freedom to express yourselves as individuals. It is said that the most dangerous man in these times is an inspired one. Well, we’re inspired, and wont stop until everyone knows the truth. We encourage you all to remove your civilian chips and live under the radar. Join us and Start Your Own Rebellion!!!!” So to recap, they are a virtual band 700 years in the future and they have come together to free the world from the evil Cozack Corporation. If you want a more in-depth look at their story, you can check out this interactive digital comic book they have here. Now with all that aside, let’s get to the music. They are a combination of pop/rap/rock/electronic/alternative and that doesn’t even fully state what they do as a group. They released their debut effort, titled LP3020 back in April 2011 and it was received pretty well by the fans. The first standout from LP3020 is Crazy World and it really introduces you to what the group is all about. It has a great combination of pop-ish singing to the rock-ish beat to the actual rapping. The next track is called Live Like An Outlaw and it goes over the same beat as David Dallas’ Til Tomorrow which is a good thing, because that beat is sick. They add a new flavor to it and it make the track feel like their own. The next standout is Super Hero as StartYourOwnRebellion continues using the same formula they used in Crazy World and the great part about it is that the beat just keeps building up. I Know is probably the most rock influenced track on the mixtape and it still goes hard when it comes down to the rapping. Broken Heart is probably my favorite cut off of LP3020 as the beat is really simple and calm. Million Miles Away is another standout track. It reminds both of Broken Heart and Super Hero as the beat is really simple but it just keeps building up slowly. Far From Over is most electronic/dance tingled song on LP3020 and that makes it standout from the rest of the tracks. StartYourOwnRebellion ends the tape with the track I mentioned above, Let It Go which contains a feature from their boss J. Cole. This is the most typical hip-hop/rap record on LP3020 and it was needed just to show you that they can do rap too. J. Cole kills his verse and puts StartYourOwnRebellion back in their place.

With just the strangness surronding StartYourOwnRebellion, that could simply make them blow up. If I were to compare them to someone, it would be a mashup between the Gorillaz and Lupe Fiasco and MGMT. They have definitely caught my attention for some time to come with the release of LP3020 as it is stacked from front to back. I just wish I had listened to it sooner because it would have probably made my Top 25 Albums of 2011 (So Far) list. I will expect great things to come out of the virtual band off of J. Cole’s DreamVillian imprint.

Download LP3020

Crazy World

Broken Heart

Let It Go (feat. J. Cole)

Super Hero

Million Miles Away

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