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Now that I have established who I believe will be taken in the first ten picks of this year’s NBA Draft, I thought it would serve a justice to finish out the first round. This will give you all a chance to see some of the real prospects whom are NBA bound and how just one first pick by one single team can make the biggest difference of shaping how the league looks when the 2011-2012 season is cued up.

Pick #11 – Golden State Warriors – Tristan Thompson – Texas – If he is still left on the board at this point this is a no brainer. He can go grab you ten or so rebounds a night and he has a very high productivity.

Pick #12 – Utah Jazz – Chris Singleton – Florida State – Utah needs this kind of guy! Defensive minded, yet Singleton is a Small Forward that can get up and down the floor with Brandon Knight – projected third pick on the EastSide.

Pick #13 – Phoenix Suns – Markieff Morris – Kansas – Weaker than his bother who is projected to go in the Top 10 Markieff is the type of guy that eventually could get you a solid 15 points a game, and bring the intensity.

Pick #14 – Houston Rockets – Alec Burks – Colorado – Really an unknown guy in the draft, Burks is a player that really could go out and get it with the Rockets. Obviously a team that struggled this past season, Burks is a decent shooter that can handle the ball; not to mention his unbelievable potential.

Pick #15 – Indiana Pacers – Iman Shumpert – Georgia Tech – Shumpert can fill the position that the Pacers really have yet to see from the guard position; a solid role player. Shumpert is a great shooter that really impressed me during his days at GT.

Pick #16 – Philidelphia Seventy-Sixers – Nikola Vucevic – Southern California – With a Andre Iguodala trade looming, the 76ers under a bit of pressure to grab someone who can help them to score and get after it on the defensive end; this is your guy Philly.

Pick #17 – New York Knicks – Jimmer Fredette – Brigham Young – I’m not sure if Jimmer will be taken by this point, but I have heard it all week….if Fredette is still available by the 17th pick in the 2011 Draft, New York plans to jump on Jimmer quicker than the eye can see.

Pick #18 – Washington Wizards – Bismack Biyombo – Congo – A very unknown player in this year’s draft, Biyombo can turn up the heat. Although not nearly as tall as Dekembe Matombo, Bismack – I’ve read – is someone who resembles the one who used to wave his finger at the people that he denied away from the basket. The Wizards need anything, especially on the defensive side of the ball.

Pick #19 – Charlotte Bobcats – Jordan Hamilton – Texas – I think this is destined to happen because not only with Hamilton benefit the Bobcats contributing to their point totals night in and night out; but also the future of the Bobcats – D.J. Augustine – is a Texas Alum.

Pick #20 – Minnesota Timberwolves – Marshon Brooks – Providence – This team could be pretty filthy! With Kevin Love getting a double-double each and every night, and Derrick Williams scoring the basketball by shooting the J and from the free throw line, Brooks will be able to fit right into the mesh. Not to mention Ricky Rubio is ready to dish the ball when and wherever he can. The other night he said the line of Charles Barkley, “a basket makes one person happy, but an assist makes two people happy.”

Pick #21 – Portland TrailBlazers – Tobias Harris – Tennessee – A perfect fit in Portland because he does everything good; meaning that he can shoot well for a forward, make good decisions, and he does the little things.

Pick #22 – Denver Nuggets – Kenneth Faried – Morehead State – Faried is the type of player that likes to put his head down and go get the ball. Although the Nuggets really need a scorer because of their loss of Melo, I think they go after Faried here.

Pick #23 – Houston Rockets – Shelvin Mack – Butler – Ahh, the Butler point guard gets a shot of redemption this season after the dissappointing ending to his season last year at Butler. Look for him to contribute to the Rockets in any way that he can, as they will likely become one of the most prolific teams in the NBA – if they add Mack and Burks.

Pick #24 – Oklahoma City Thunder – Trey Thompkins – Georgia – I think Thompkins is a flashy guy; young, yet that’s exactly what OKC is now-a-days.

Pick #25 – Boston Celtics – Reggie Jackson – Boston College – He really didn’t impress when I watched him on occasion during his days at BC, yet I think that the veteran team will welcome in someone from the area. He can do most of the things that any other shooting guard in the league can do.

Pick #26 – Dallas Mavericks – Donatas Motiejunas – Lithuania – Simply put, he’s quick, he’s got potential, and they love those European players in Dallas!

Pick #27 – New Jersey Nets – Tyler Honeycutt – UCLA – The Nets, with this pick, would have a one-two punch in the backcourt as Deron Williams would accompany Honeycutt. He can shoot the rock and can get past most defenders because he is agile and quick.

Pick #28 – Chicago Bulls – Norris Cole – Cleveland State – Man this kid can score the ball, look out for this kid in a few years…especially if he’s learning from the reigning MVP.

Pick #29 – San Antonio Spurs – JuJuan Johnson – Purdue – He tore up the competition when he was healthy last year, JuJuan Johnson would be a great fit wherever he goes…however the Spurs – with an aging Tim Doucan – will pass up this opportunity.

Pick #30 – Chicago Bulls – Kyle Singler – Dook – Many said Singler will go in the second round because he really did not have the year he was expected to have. Yet I believe – similar to Norris Cole – he could learn from one of the best in the league, he really resembles Kyle Korver and I think Korver could really take Singler under his wing in Chi-town.

  1. ec says:

    just imagine jimmer on the knicks. it’d be an absolute hilarity to watch. jimmer walks the ball up the court, fires off 25-ft jumpers and then gets his ass beat on the sidelines by chauncey

  2. mceeagle611 says:

    HAHA but he’s ideal for New York fans because he doesn’t really do much behind the scenes but the highlights he has are amazing. I bet they’d love him

  3. Teeps says:

    Matt you spelled Duke wrong… Just wanted to let you know

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