The Month of June is coming to a close and not a lot of big-time sporting events are left; except for what should be a good ending to the College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska. With that being said today on the East Side we are going to take a look at who, what, and where have been hot; and who really have not been hot with the commencement of the summer.

Hot (Topic) : The Future of Golf – Now that Rory McIlroy has been crowned US Open Champion comparisons are started to be made between McIlroy and Tiger Woods. The Buzz is that McIlroy has now demonstrated that he can win despite the pressure – not of the players – of responding to his poor final back-nine at Augusta National Golf Course in April. With the struggles Tiger Woods has gone through, being the great golfer that he is, people are starting to question if Woods can ever be as dominant as he once was only a few years ago. The Topic is simply scorching because fans have so many different theory on which direction the game is headed and if Golf will transform into another type of system. A lot of questions may be answered starting on July 14 as golf will go to Royal St.Georges to decide the winner of the only major on European soil.

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Not : Phil Mickelson – Ouch Phil, not a great performance at the US Open. Mickelson, likely the favorite at the beginning of the weekend at Congressional Country Club, didn’t exactly get the birthday present he was looking for. He started his First Round – on his Birthday – off the tee of the tenth hole, a relatively easy par 3 if you are able to reach the green, except his shot went into the drink. This quickly quieted the Gallery’s buzz on Mickelson and despite his Second Round 69, ultimately Phil “The Cap-Tipper” Mickelson finished at less than respectable +7 (291). Pick it up Phil.

Hot : The Boston Red Sox – The flaming hot Sox are 14-3 in June so far and show no signs of letting their foot off the gas pedal. Now with their pitching woes involving Daisuke Matsuzaka gone, their pitching staff has really come together in order to form one of the more premiere line-ups in the league. With increased hitting percentages, better on-base percentages, and the re-birth of some of the at times vacant players in the Boston Organization; the team has come to dominate the month of June and move into first place ahead of the New York Yankees in the American League Eastern Division.

Not : The Florida Marlins – I’ll tell you what I have been really laughing at this team for the past couple years and now there is finally an opportunity to give my opinion on why this team is basically the laughing stock of Major League Baseball. The Marlins are now 1-19 in the month of June, this team could not even buy a win in June; they started the month off at 9 games above .500 and they are now 9 games below .500. You think that’s it? The Marlins have no hired a new skipper by the name of Jack McKeon, and if he sounds familiar it’s because he led the Marlins to a 2003 World Series. That would be all well and good, but the only problem is that I’m sure that he is going be roling into the clubhouse each day with his walker and a pair of dentures. Now 80-years-old McKeon may have been good in the past, but at 80 I find a hard time believing he was the right hire for this team. These two are major problems; not to mention that whenever I see Marlins’ highlights on Sportscenter, there is not a damn fan in the outfield.

Hot : Novak Djokovic – The tennis star is now getting into the prime of his career and I really have a hard time seeing him losing Wimbledon. He delivered a blow today as he won in 3-sets (6-2, 6-1, 6-1) and looking forward he is likely the favorite to win on the grass-courts if he continues to dominate his competition in such a fashion.

Not : Rory McIlroy’s Golf Attire – Not much has to be said on this topic except the fact that McIlroy really needs to improve his golfing wardrobe. If you are inside the top 5 in the world golf rankings please respect the fact that it’s probably a good idea to where something a little more simple. I saw McIlroy’s final round polo inside Golf Galaxy today and I was thinking the whole entire time I was in their, now why would someone want to buy that shirt?

Hot : Europe – Oh yes, Europe – despite high gas prices – is producing the hottest news as of late in the Sporting World. Of Course Rory McIlroy’s win was a spectacular spectacle for all of Europe, as North Ireland’s native son won his first major in America. Yet with the NBA Draft around the corner and likely three 6’11” European Prospects are going to go inside the top 10…there is a lot of interest in European sporting. With Novak Djokovic’s recent performances on the tennis court and the Open Championship right around the corner what’s not to like in Europe right now? Let’s just get them a football league that never locks out and we can all move over there!

Not : Floyd Mayweather Jr. – Although people are confident he will soon get in the ring and duke it out with past light-weight champion of the world Manny Pacquiao, Mayweather has yet to issue a statement saying that he will fight. I heard rumors not too long ago that Mayweather turned down upwards of $65 million dollars to fight Pacquiao and I kind of believed it. Folks it’s not necessarily that he is scared, but Floyd Mayweather, Jr., understands the boxing world – he knows that he is likely going to lose. You don’t quite want a competitor in such a fierce sport thinking I’m probably going to lose; but I think he’s playing it smart nonetheless.

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