Most to Risk in the NBA Draft : Part II of the Mock Draft Picks 6-10

Posted: June 20, 2011 by mceagle611 in Sports
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As promised, with two days left until the draft, here are the last five picks that close out the top ten of my NBA Mock Draft. No question that when the next five teams are on the clock – Washington, Sacramento, Detroit, Charlotte, and Milwaukee in order – they will be under a substantial amount of pressure to make a pick that may become a franchise player. In my opinion, however, these teams are not in that type of position because, as far as NBA status goes, I believe the Top 5 Picks in my Mock Draft are greatly ahead of the talent, and skill level of those that will be taken in picks 6-10.

Pick #6 – Washington Wizards – To start, I believe that Ted Leonsis, Ernie Grunfeld, and the Wizards are under a bit less pressure to make an exceptional pick than the other four teams from picks 7-10 because they are the only one of these teams that has good young players that pose tremendous upside. John Wall, JaVale McGee, and Nick Young are the future of NBA basketball and Washington and they have to be a gleaming light for the fans of Washington DC. So they have two guards and a big man looking forward, well Washington let’s go ahead and grab Kahwi Leonard. The ex-San Diego State star really saw a large portion of the national spotlight on the biggest stage, the NCAA tournament, where his team was a National Championship contender. The kid has the biggest hands I have ever seen, his outside game compliments his inside game as he can shoot as well as put the ball on the floor. The only poor thing that one could say about Leonard is that he is somewhat injury prone and that he is not the pinnacle or epitome of a NBA Small Forward. Standing at 6’7″ Leonard is not the greatest shooter nor the greatest facilitator, yet he does the intangibles extremely well.

Pick #7 – Sacramento Kings – Well I’m going to cut straight to the case because if he has yet to be picked at this point in the draft then the Sacramento Kings will select Kemba Walker with the seventh pick in the NBA Draft. The Kings have presented a lot interest in Walker, as he may give somewhat of a spark to a Sacramento team that really struggled to win games this year. I have always said that this team has a lot of potential because they have two top-tier early year players in the NBA; Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus Cousins are putting together the pieces of their games and will soon find a way with Walker to make it work. A lot to be excited about in the city of Sacramento as the Kings will soon be a playoff team in a couple of years if they keep improving and working to get better together.

Pick #8 – Detroit Pistons – Now to predict who the NBA’s pity team is going to pick. This year there certainly was not a lot of excitement for the Piston’s franchise because of the multiple players/coaches controversies and the aging of players who have now exited their primes. It was only a few years ago that Detroit was the place to be, remember how unstoppable of a force they used to be? With Hamilton, Prince, Billups, Sheed and Ben Wallace…they were nearly unbeatable but does anyone remember why? It’s because when push came to shove the Pistons knew how to come together as a team. They played great team defense, they were very unselfish, and they took good shots. Now that Larry Brown is gone, and the coaching position vacant, there is no discipline; so they are going to need to start building a solid, ego-less team. In my opinion Jonas Valanciunas – although projected highly in other Mock Drafts – will get the nod from the Pistons. The 6’11” Lithuainian has tremendous potential and is an exceptional rebounder/finisher at the rim; quite a combination.

Pick #9 – Charlotte Bobcats – The Bobcats could really use a player to replace the late Gerald Wallace, only a better player and one who will give them more of a dominant game. Simply, Marcus Morris is their man because the likely Small Forward or small Power Forward has the heart of a lion, some great potential, and he goes up and rebounds the basketball with an urgency unlike any SF in the game. His defense is decent but this is where he will get beat in the NBA; when he is assigned to other dominant forwards such as LeBron James, Paul Pierce, Kevin Durant, etc. Although his defense is great, it is more focused towards a college-like big man, whereas if he plays power forward he may be beat by players that he will defend that are faster and have a little more height and length. This will be the kicker for me, if he cannot make an adjustment to his game he may struggle in the League.

Pick #10 – Milwaukee Bucks – Lastly, with the tenth pick in the NBA Draft the Bucks just need someone who can get the job done. The missing piece to the puzzle in Milwaukee is a star that fits in between the games of Brandon Jennings, Andrew Bogut, and John Salmons. The man they pick needs to be able to knock down shots, create controversy defensively for their opposing teams, and be able to knock down some jumpers – ultimately having around 20 points a game. Who else better at this point to select than the Washington State Alum Klay Thompson. We did not see the likes of Thompson during March Madness because his team failed to make the field, however his draft stock is on the rise; and what’s not to like about a 6’7″ Shooting Guard/Small Forward that can shoot the ‘J’ and give Milwaukee the Intangible things?

  1. As a Pistons fan I’d hate to see them take Jonas Valancinas. The guy is not a NBA player. I’m not hung up on foreign players, but this guy looks like a college underclassman. I don’t see the NBA talent in him, not to mention a top 10 pick. He’s to small and seems to only be getting over on his height. Seems like a guy who once you get physical with they crumble.

    • mceagle611 says:

      You know I completely agree. In this two entries I really didnt specificy my opinion on these Euro players but I’m not a huge fan because the European league is – like you said – essentially like college and the NBA is a grown mans league. I did notice on the highlight reel that he does not look built to any caliber and it will hurt him in the NBA. I’m just creating a realistic mock draft because I’m almost sure he will go in the top 10. However the positive is that these Euro players will now be given high expectations in light of Dirks performance, maybe that will fuel Jonas to be great…who knows.

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