What is the State of the NFL?

Posted: June 15, 2011 by mceagle611 in Sports
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Oh no! Now with the NBA Basketball and NHL Hockey seasons and playoffs drawing to a close, so we have to ride Golf – Majors are fun drama to watch but there is only three more left taking up three weekends in the summer – and Baseball all the way to the College Football seasons. See in the past we would have said to look forward to the NFL preseason in which all fans had an opportunity to see their teams and the league’s superstars for a couple of quarters in an exhibition game. Although, now that we do not have anymore basketball and hockey playoffs to distract us we have to focus on something as sports fans we have been putting off for months now; the State of the NFL.

Quite frankly my interest in the topic was elicited by former Ohio State QB Terrelle Pryor leaving Ohio State and declaring for the NFL Supplemental Draft. The Supplemental Draft, for those who do not know, was started in 1977 as a way for players coming out of college who did not put their name into the NFL Draft, but decided they wanted to play in the NFL, could be drafted. Only in 1993 did they amend the rules so that a player who planned to attend college and play football for said college could enter in the Supplemental Draft after the NFL Draft in certain cases. For those who do not think Pryor is ready for the NFL I could not agree more, however in my research I came across something quite interesting that I did not realize and I’m sure most would be quite taken back to hear. Fellow Ohio State Alum, Cris Carter, was taken in the NFL Supplemental Draft in 1987 by the Philadelphia Eagles – I know they do not play the same position, I’m just saying I find this quite interesting because of Carter’s success in the league.

I digress, I keep hearing the same thing on Sportscenter about these secret meetings that the NFL and NFLPA are having because I’m sure that they could not imagine having an NFL Sunday for a little while throughout the course of the Fall months. The officials keep emphasizing that both parties are putting in the maximum effort, and that these court cases and litigations are helping the situation out. However, the fact remains, I am aware of the policy gridlock between the two parties but I do not see much change which really scares me. Ever since March 11 of this year, it has tried to be determined when the lockout may terminate but I do not see the movement.

The League is trying to come to terms on an 8-game season which should be the worst-case scenario – at least we will be able to likely enjoy some football at the end of the weekend – but NO ONE wants an 8-game season. Think about how it would affect out of league play because six games would need to be dedicated to your divisions, then what would the NFL do with the remaining two games? It just baffles me.

I know it’s easier said than done, but come guys…your grown men! No more B.S. comments from Roger Goodell – NFL Commissioner – nor from DeMaurice Smith – Executive Director of the NFLPA – we have heard enough. There are millions of football fans waiting to hear some good news that is 100% true; we want to be promised some Football!

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