Artist On the Rise: David Dallas

Posted: June 15, 2011 by eptarheels23 in Artist On the Rise, Music
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It’s time we introduced an up and coming foreign artists here at ESP. That being said, I introduce you to David Dallas. He comes from New Zealand but that isn’t stopping him from making it big. He brings a new sound to hip/hop as he doesn’t brag about money and girls or anything like that, but about the things that really matter in life. He has a fresh style that is really laid back and chill. His albums flow perfectly with no weird jumpy tracks in-between. The thing that sticks out about David Dallas is is accent, or lack of. You can’t hear it at all when he raps, but if you hear an interview with him he has very thick accent. Come to the land of kiwi’s and see what makes David Dallas such a great emcee.

The kiwi’s debut album, Something Awesome was released in 2009 to much acclaim in the New Zealand area. It debuted at number one on the NZ iTunes chart and made a huge splash on the NZ Album Chart. The first solo offering contained the smash hit Big Time which was featured on Kanye West’s blog in 2010. The sound talks about making it big one day and the video for it is really creative and brings out the best side in the song. The song has a positive vibe and that’s whats really needed right now. David Dallas’ second offering, The Rose Tint was released in May 2010 and really showed how much he had grown as an artist. It is much deeper from front to back and contained features from artists such as Freddie Gibbs and Buckshot. He released The Rose Tint as a free album and it has received an even greater response as it was downloaded over 8,000 times in 24 hours. The first single off the tape was Caught In a Daze and featured Gary, IN rapper Freddie Gibbs. The song is about getting caught in all the glory and not selling out as an artist. Freddie Gibbs kills his verse and if you liked it, check back tomorrow as I’ll have an article on him. But back to David Dallas, the tape featured other standouts such as Til Tomorrow, Nothing to Do and Take a Picture. Nothing to Do details the story of a nasty breakup with Pieter T doing the hook duties. Til Tomorrow features a killer beat and David Dallas drops some dope lines such as “tell you how to surf when they never touch a surfboard, dissin Tiger Woods when they f*****g even worse whores”. It also has an awesome video that is very creative and has an interesting way of telling the story of the song, definitely watch it. The Rose Tint is one of the top foreign releases to date in 2011 as it featured David Dallas at the top of his game.

With the backing of Kanye West and collaborations with Freddie Gibbs and veteran Buckshot, David Dallas is an international music star in the making. He has a killer flow and the right subject matter to go along with it. Just look out for David Dallas a few years down the road and he’ll be huge.

Download: David Dallas – The Rose Tint

Caught In a Daze (feat. Freddie Gibbs)

Nothing to Do (feat. Pieter T)

  1. […] The next track is called Live Like An Outlaw and it goes over the same beat as David Dallas’ Til Tomorrow which is a good things, because that beat is sick. They add a new flavor to it and it make the […]

  2. […] The next track is called Live Like An Outlaw and it goes over the same beat as David Dallas’ Til Tomorrow which is a good thing, because that beat is sick. They add a new flavor to it and it make the track […]

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