Artist On the Rise: Aer

Posted: June 14, 2011 by eptarheels23 in Artist On the Rise, Music
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Want a breath of fresh air in the music industry? Well, it’s time you took a listen to Aer (pronounced “air”). It is almost impossible to put them in one genre, so I’m gonna put them in the chill alternative/reggae/dub/acoustic/hip-hop/reggae/electronic, genre. And even that doesn’t fully describe what they can do as a group. The instrumentals behind their music is amazing and showcases their talents as musicians. They take a lot of soothing beats and mix it with great vocals to make great chill songs that are so fresh. Their instrumentals are completely self made and combine smooth guitar riffs and a calm vibe on each and every track to make an easy listening sound to their music. See what makes this group really embody the chillax summer feeling below.

Like I just stated above, Aer really has that summertime “day on the beach” feel to them and it makes them stand out. The duo is composed of David von Mering and Carter Schultz from Wayland, MA. Aer released their second mixtape Water On the Moon in late 2010 to a great reception from the fans. It contained standouts such as Medina, Water on the Moon and Takin’ My Time. My favorite of those is Water On the Moon as Aer goes over an extremely smooth instrumental that makes you just want to lay back on the beach and relax there. The chorus is really a standout as it shows what Aer is capable of as artists and then the verses showcases a little of their rapping skills. It’s not true rapping, but it is enough of it so that you still realize they have skills behind the mic. Their second mixtape, The Reach was even better as it really showed their growth as a duo. It was stacked from front to back and it’s genre blending really makes it stand out as a whole. The first standout (and my favorite Aer track to date), Feel I Bring, is probably the best representation of what they are capable of. It just speaks volumes to what they can do. Some other great cuts off the mixtape include Run Again and Come & Go as they continue their genre blending abilities. So far this year, I consider it one of the top mixtapes released as I can’t say enough of how much talent they have as a duo. Another track they have released but has not made its way onto any projects is Easy. The track features Matt Easton, a frat-rap hip-hop student from the University of Kansas, as they get someone to drops some real bars for them. It is crazy how good and diverse they are when it comes down to their musical talent.

After all of that, the group Aer is a genre blending duo and they are probably the first of its kind. There are no other groups out there today that can do the things that Aer can. The releases of Water On the Moon and The Reach have really put this group in the spotlight. With another mixtape expected out by the end of the year, you can tell this group is on the rise. There is no better way to describe them as, than a breath of fresh air in the music world.

Download: Aer – Water On the Moon
Download: Aer – The Reach

Feel I Bring

Water On the Moon

Come & Go

Run Again

Easy (feat. Matt Easton)

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