Mavs Do, Heat Die: Dallas Gets It’s First Ring

Posted: June 13, 2011 by mceagle611 in Sports
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I want to start this long, emotional piece – and I’m going to try to be as unbiased a heat fan as possible – off by saying that I am enthralled for Dallas; congratulations on winning your first NBA Championship. I will comeback to Dallas and the mark that they just made on NBA History later, but after some thought I decided to disect their opponent first.

As Game Six progressed, I saw a lack of concentration and want in this Miami Heat team. This is quite an understatement, I understand, but its got to be the way that one would start to explain the night that the Miami Heat just had nonetheless. With LeBron starting out relatively hot and not closing extremely awfully, people can’t tag the loss on him now. Dwyane Wade had his worse Finals game, but not nearly as bad as you would expect that to be – ash he finished with 17 relatively quiet points. But two problems remain with this Miami team:

1 – This is clearly not what the Heat want to do for the rest of the time they are together, so what are they going to do in the off-season to solve the problem and prepare themselves for this NBA Finals situation again?

2 – Down the stretch, there was too much passing, how are they going to solve the issue of who takes ‘the shot’?

There is no easy place to begin so I’m just going to dive right in without any fancy prelude to my argument because it’s pretty simple. Ladies and Gentleman, what’s going to get more coverage in the next 3 days? Miami’s Meltdown or Dallas Win? Clearly we’ve determined it’s the meltdown; that accompanied by the fact that three players cannot band together in order to win an NBA Championship in their first season. However, the main lesson learned here is that only those whom have tasted it before want it more than anything.

For the longest time now I’ve been in denial that LeBron doesn’t have a big ego, that everyone is blowing things out of proportion, and that Miami would succumb to the pressure like they had been; but I was proven wrong. NOT ONCE, folks, after all the criticism and hate after his Game Four performance did I see LeBron take control of the game and give the fans that awe-stuck moment. That “Hey, I WANT THIS” moment. No, after the Eastern Conference Finals he disappeared and let his side-kick in crime do all the super hero work. You might completely disagree that LeBron is the main guy, you might think it’s Dwyane Wade but let me ask all the readers this question. Metaphorically speaking if Batman is kicking ass and fighting whose going to win? Batman. If Robin is fighting the enemy and Batman is sitting out, uninvolved, who would win? Not Robin. Who was closing against the Celtics and Bulls when the Heat were winning? LeBron. Who won when Dwyane Wade was closing for the Miami Heat? The Enemy, The Dallas Mavericks.

LeBron James, you were the most hated player in the NBA this year. Now you lost, people are happy, you are sad. All I heard out of your mouth was “blah, blah, blah.” You fed us bunch of crap because you didn’t do one thing that all champions do; BACK IT UP. You made fun of Dirk, you did not back it up; Wade also. If you are going to say something on a stage like this you better back it up, have the heart of a champion or walk-off because at the end of the day if you can’t walk the walk then you have no right to talk the talk.

The only positive spin that you could get out of this is now that they’ve failed they could use it as motivation to get back here. Remember – this not only pertains to what the Heat must realize but what we in life must realize – we do not learn in the good times, rather the bad, we do not learn from our wins, rather our defeats, not from our successes, rather from our struggles. The Heat have quite an off-season ahead of them, be strong and have no remorse. Good Luck, you are going to need it for next season Miami.

Let’s, now, redirect the heartbreak into the heart warming story; the NBA Champion Dallas Mavericks. One thing I have to say, I was extremely impressed with Mark Cuban. If I was as much a part of each and every game as he is, and a much a fan as he is, I would be ready to gloat a little. Cuban, however, spotlighted his organization, players, and coaching staff, for the brief moments that he had the microphone in the post-game ceremonies, then passed it to Rick Carlisle. No boasting words to his haters, Miami fans, nor NBA Fans; just a smile and a sense of satisfaction. I gained a lot of respect for him last night, and what a year it has been for him and his Mavericks.

In addition, my heart goes out to the undoubted Finals MVP – Dirk Nowitzki – and the veteran, centerpiece point guard – Jason “Ason” Kidd – because their tireless work and commitment has now been rewarded. The two sure-fire Hall of Famers knew if they were going to win they had to play as a team; one thing more is that they knew they needed to play smart regardless of if they were on the offensive or defensive side of the ball. Everyone hears the popular slogan during the Playoffs that “Defense wins Championship.” However, I don’t think it hurts to be hitting the shots that Dallas was hitting in the Third and Fourth Quarters of Game Five and Six of this series.

I said it from the end of Game Five – and it held true – if Dallas won in Miami in Game Six in front of a ruckus crowd – the crowd was actually silenced many-a-time during the game – then they honestly deserved to win their first Championship. Now with Dallas winning the series in six, the Larry O’Brien trophy for the first time comes to Dallas and they need to enjoy the win. However, only time will tell but I don’t think Dirk is done; call me crazy if you like, but he’s too magical to go away with just one ring.

As we put this into perspective, we have learned a thing or two about how the NBA works. The mechanism – that is the NBA – does not allow for a team to just up and form out of no where and win it all without time to build that chemistry. Something more is that a Champion is someone who backs up his words, someone who overcomes all odds, and someone who is perfecting his craft when the lights aren’t on and the cameras are off. It’s someone who has failed, someone who has been defeated, so under these circumstances Nowitzki and Kidd have proven they contain the heart of a Champion. So I’ll end by saying this, we have taken LeBron to hell and back, criticized him to the maximum and then some. How will he respond? Dirk, Kidd, and Jason “JET” Terry, have responded to criticism and doubt amongst the media and fans. They have backed up whatever words they have had to say about Miami. Will the Heat now learn and answer? Can LeBron answer ‘the call of the champion’ in years to come?

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