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Welcome to the Grind Mode Cypher music series. Lingo, a rapper from Providence, has recently gotten a bunch of underground emcees to jump on a track all together and he releases it as a cypher. Along with Shameless Self-Promotion, he has released three different cyphers. They all feature Lingo on the first verse and are produced by him. The production on each separate track really stands out on its own, as it is top notch. There are tons of different artists that each have a different style, so it will appeal to even the most stubborn hip-hop head. Listen to each track below and vote for which version you liked the best below (personally I’d go with Vol. 3).

Released: February 17th, 2011
Features: McCoy Price, Sbo, Massaka, NeySean, A Money Gramz & Marshall Law
Best Verse: Massaka
Best Line: “I touch more mics than Mike touch boys” – Massaka

Released: March 9th, 2011
Features: Lecture, Tryumf, EastCoast Cally, Ridiculuz, Mayhem & MG
Best Verse: MG
Best Line: “Me, I make music, y’all just noise, so go take your mic and f**k yourself, sex toys” – EastCoast Cally

Released: May 27th
Features: Jahpan, Izzo, Duganz, J-Hook$, Revalation & Marshall Law
Best Verse: Tie (Izzo and J-Hook$)
Best Line: “Y’all should learn something off of me, study guide” – Marshall Law

  1. lolzroyce says:

    Is there anywhere we can download these?

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