Album Review: Hell: The Sequel by Bad Meets Evil

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Bad Meets Evil is the hip-hop group of Royce da 5’9″ and Eminem, this is the groups first release despite collaborating for upwards of ten years. The first collaborated all the way back in 1999 for Eminem’s The Slim Shady LP on the track titled Bad Meetes Evil (wonder if that’s where they got their name from). It was clear that had some serious chemistry with each other behind the mic, so they started collaborating more frequently. Rumors of a collaboration album started however nothing surfaced. Mainly because as D12 rose to fame Eminem and Royce had a fall out, causing them to cut ties and go separate ways. The rapper Proof (from D12) had been trying to reconcile the two for some years until his death after a shooting outside a club. Proof was Eminem’s best friend and a close friend to Royce, so they soon made up and squashed the beef. Royce then made apperances on some of D12’s mixtapes and solo members of D12’s albums. Also Eminem recently signed Royce’s group, Slaughterhouse, to his Shady Records. With the release of Eminem’s Recovery and Royce’s group Slaugterhouse’s work, it is arguable that both emcees are on the top of their game. So does Hell: The Sequel live up the the expectations first put upon it 13 years ago?

1: Welcome 2 Hell 5/5
Winner: Royce da 5’9″
From the second the eerie, almost haunting beat drops, it’s clear that Eminem and Royce are not messing around. The each spit some crazy verses, but Royce goes insane and his flow on here is top notch. There is no chorus and that proves to be a very good decision. It would just bring it down and take away from it’s point. They truly trade bars for about three minutes and it really make them seem hungrier than ever. I came into this album as more of an Eminem fan, but still a huge fan of Royce (mainly because of Slaughterhouse), but this song really showed me how much of a monster Royce is behind the mic. This cut is also pretty strong lyrically, as Royce and Eminem are some of the top lyricists in the game. Amazing intro, must listen.

2: Fast Lane 3.5/5
Winner: Eminem
The first official single off the album is a solid radio ready song, but I’m not digging it that much. Both artists showcase their amazing flow, but fall a bit short on the lyrics. However, Eminem drops one of the most memorable lines (and brash) lines on the entire album in “Nicki Minaj I want to put my p***s in your a**s!”. I really like Royce and Em’s flow, but the hook really lets you down and takes away from the overall value of the song. All in all, their flow really stands out on this record and that’s what gets you to listen.

3: The Reunion 5/5
Winner: Royce da 5’9″
Over a slower beat, Em and Royce slow down their flow and tells stories of different encounters with women. The song really has that old-school Eminem flow on it, where goes back to his physco-ish feel. Both of their verse made me smile a little as Royce kills his as he raps “She said I’m feelin’ your whole swagger and flow, can we hook up? I said, eh, you just used the word swagger so NO”. This is a pretty good listen as they really switch it up from the previous two songs in terms of flow.

4: Above the Law 4.5/5
Winner: Royce da 5’9″
Royce and Em go back to more of a usual track as they as they get an unknown singer to kill the hook and then they alternate verses. Royce definitely gets the upper hand on this cut as his flow is aggressive and mean. It seems like this should be how Royce is meant to rap. I really wish he would rap like this more often and it seems like he is starting to. I feel like I consider and above average album filler.

5: The I’m On Everything (feat. Mike Epps) 3/5
Winner: Royce da 5’9″
And we come to the low point of the album. The cut begins off with Mike Epps doing some stand up and this transitions into the chorus from Mike Epps and it is a weak one at that. Em and Royce take part of the stand up and make it the chorus. The beat is playful and it just doesn’t seem to fit either of their styles. Even a pretty dope verse from Royce and Eminem at the end of the song, can’t save it from being bad.

6: A Kiss 3.5/5
Winner: Eminem
Another not so great song as Royce and Em rap over a beat seems out of place, like it wasn’t originally meant for them. Th verses are average but the hook really sucks. Eminem takes shots at Lady Gaga here, calling her a “male lady” and there is a supposed diss at Justin Bieber but Royce as stated that Eminem actually says “beaver” and not “Bieber”. But after all of that, this track is a definite pass.

7: Lighters (feat. Bruno Mars) 4.5/5
Winner: Eminem
When I first saw the official tracklist and saw that Bruno Mars was featured on a song, all I could think of was Em and Royce selling out and a terrible pop track. After listening to it multiple times, this track is a standout. The beat is good all around and Em feels at home on it. It will also be good to see Royce get some plays on the radio and some recognition because everything Bruno Mars touches these days goes platinum. I was actually extremely pleased that this track turned out to be a hit and not some terrible crossover attempt. I would definitely listen to this.

8: Take From Me 4.5/5
Winner: Eminem
Another unknown female singer take the hook on here for probably the most serious and honest cuts off the tape. She does a pretty good job but the real stars are Em and Royce’s verses. Royce speaks on how he has “fake” friends in the music industry and people leaking his music and then Eminem goes in over it kills him that people leak his music since it’s the only thing he has. This is the type of track I expected when I first heard about this album, great lyrics and Royce and Em killing it.

9: Loud Noises (feat. Slaughterhouse) 5/5
Winner: Royce da 5’9″
And we arrive at the most anticipated song off the entire album and, oh my gosh does it live up to expectations. This is by far my favorite track and everyone brings their A-game. That being said, I feel like everyone in Slaughterhouse (except for Royce) out does Bad Meets Evil as they just seem to take it to the next level. To start off the song Em drops a nice verse as he speeds it up a little. Then Crooked I is the first of Slaughterhouse to take the mic, but he drops my favorite verse in the entire song as he absolutely bodies the beat. Royce is then next as he also picks up the pace a little and does a pretty good job to hang in there with one of the top verses. Next is Joell Ortiz, he is probably my least favorite in Slaughterhouse, but he really goes rapid fire on his verse and kills it. Joe Budden brings up the rear and continues the trend off fast paced rhymes. This is the best song off the tape, so it is a must listen.

10: Living Proof 4/5
Winner: Eminem
The next two track only appear on the deluxe version of the album, but really are good nonetheless. Both tracks leaked a while back and would have been great additions to the album if not for that fact. This tracks is good all around but there isn’t one area that really sticks out and shines in my mind. It’s a solid listen.

11: Echo (feat. Liz Rodriguez) 5/5
Winner: Royce da 5’9″
DJ Khalil brings monster production on the rock influenced beat and Liz Rodriguez kills he hook. This might actually be one of the best songs and considering it is a bonus track I would highly recommend you to get this version. Royce definitely gets the edge here as he feels like this is the type of track he was born to rap over and he builds upon that as he weaves in and out of the beat. This is a great overall track.

So what’s the verdict? There is something for everyone on hear, you have the classic Shady on The Reunion, the posse cut on Loud Noises, the radio hit on Lighters and then a classic Em and Royce track on Welcome 2 Hell. This album is a success as it lived up to my expectations for it as you have two great emcees going at it for eleven tracks. Overall for the album I’m gonna have to give the edge to Royce for out dueling Eminem and that’s saying quite a lot considering some people say Eminem is the best rapper of all-time. This will definitely be on rotation on my iPod for a long time to come.

Hell: The Sequel DL: (Did you actually think I was gonna you a download link to this? Go out and support them June 14th!)

  1. Biqq Pete says:

    lighters, fast lane, echo, loud noises, and the reunion are gunna be nasty

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