Artist On the Rise: Emilio Rojas

Posted: June 9, 2011 by eptarheels23 in Artist On the Rise, Music
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On my last post, at the end I posted a little extra song that was the remix to Laws’ record Hold Me Down with guest verses from Big K.R.I.T. and Emilio Rojas. If you actually listened to it (I will post it again below), then you probably noticed Emilio Rojas opened up the song with an absolute monster of a verse. He showcased his killer flow with his ability to speed it up and slow it down and then speed right back up again. He also has a crazy lyrical ability and in a bunch of his songs he discuss “touchy” topics such as illegal immigration. He has the perfect balance of showmanship through his rap flow and his lyrical content to impress even the most stubborn hip-hop fan.

Emilio Rojas is a Venezuelan-American from New York City and this fact causes some of most impressive song, because he speaks on the difficulties of being an immigrant. As I said earlier, the most impressive aspect about Emilio Rojas is his actual ability to rap. I know that sounds generic, but if you listen to any of his records then you’ll get a feel for his ability behind the mic. He can sense and really feel out the beat, and therefor be able to switch up his flow perfectly. He is then also able to maintain that flow for an entire mixtape, which is very rare for rappers nowadays. Despite all of this, he never sacrifices his lyrical content for his flow, or the other way around. He has a great presence behind the mic and you will be able to tell right away. Emilio Rojas’ most recent tape, Life Without Shame was by far his best collective piece of work and it had features from B.o.B, Mikey Factz, Yelawolf, Killer Mike, Big K.R.I.T. and Laws and had production from J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, DJ Khalil, Needlz and !llmind. The tape starts off with To the Fullest wich an ode to how Emilio will never give anything less than 100%, and he really backs that up by dropping to killer verses. The next great tracks comes in So Alive, which is basically Emilio’s track about he enjoys his life now. The hook is just so smooth and makes you want to sing along with it. The next track however, might be my favorite Emilio Rojas track yet. Champion features killer production !llmind and it paints the perfect canvas for Emilio to spit his rhymes over. He really turnes up the pace on this one as he raps “my momma is coughing like you see this, you could have finished school with As and Bs, instead you working on that C-shift.” Another great track follows as Emilio gets a standout guest apperance from B.o.B on Tell No Lies. The next cut may be on of the most controversial songs in recent memory. On Right to Stay Emilio raps in a narration style telling a behind the scenes story of when a cop that discovers an illegal female immigrant and happens after that (I would issue a warning to anyone about to listen to this song. It is very well done, however it is extremely explicit. But tells a true story and tries to raise awareness for the problem)All Mixed Up deals with the struggles of being Venezuelan-American, and it showcases Emlio’s lyrical abilities again. Then over a rock influened beat Emilio Rojas and Mikey Factz exchange bars on Ex-Girlz and it is a definite hit. The next standout of the tape is Turn It Up and Emilio nags Yelawolf for a killer guest verse as they both go rapid-fire flow. And then he closes out the mixtape with a bang as he throws the Hold You Down Remix. This may honestly be one of my favorite songs of the year as everyone brings their A-game over a monster of a beat from DJ Khalil. I’m gonna have to give the nod to Emilio for the best verse though. All in all, this was one helluva mixtape and Emilio Rojas really managed to showcase his flow and lyrical abilities.

His overall talent as an emcee is amazing considering he hasn’t been around for long. His flow is off the chain and yet he is great when it comes down to the lyrics. Emilio seems to rap like he has a chip on his shoulder and almost seems to have an on/off switch for his flow. This mixtape will be the one that pushes him into stardom and a life of fame. But if it doesn’t I have no doubt Emilio will get back on his grind and keep releasing great, quality music. So get on the Emilio Rojas train now, before you get left behind.

Life Without Shame DL:

Hold You Down (Remix) [feat. Big K.R.I.T. & Emilio Rojas] – Laws

Champion (feat. Laura Reed & Voodoo)

Turn It Up (feat. Yelawolf)

Tell No Lies (feat. B.o.B & Leo)

Right to Stay *Warning*

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