The Sorrow Continues In Columbus with Pryor: Where Do the Buckeyes Turn?

Posted: June 8, 2011 by mceagle611 in Sports
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The slogan centered around the Ohio State Football Team over the years includes all the fans telling each other through, thick or thin, “OH..(and the other responds)..IO”; with the latest controversy coming out of Columbus, Ohio, however, it has quickly become “OH…OHNO!” All jokes aside, the news of Terrelle Pryor’s departure surfaced around 6 p.m. yesterday evening. ESPN News reported that Pryor’s attorney said the Quarterback would not return for his senior year; this after news came out earlier last week when ex-Head Coach Jim Tressel was fired about Pryor receiving improper benefits (cars, etc.). Coincidence? I think not.

Shouldn’t it be extremely curious that Pryor made his decision to leave The Ohio State University the day after USC got their 2004 National Championship ripped for the ineligible benefits that 2005 Heisman Trophy winner Reggie Bush received throughout his collegiate career? Regardless, the fact stands that in the middle of the allegations and investigations being held by the NCAA at Ohio State, Pryor chooses to leave. Clearly, with legal help, Pryor has made a decision that benefits himself in a much greater than it does Ohio State. Granted, Pryor realizes that a lot can happen from early June to late September; meaning he could have been sitting on the sidelines for quite a while longer than just the five games for which he has been suspended.

Truth be told, the Buckeyes could actually benefit from this; process what I am about to say. Let’s say – for the sake of argument – that Terrelle “Always Second to Cam Newton” Pryor stayed with the Buckeyes. Throughout the whole entire summer and into the season, Pryor would probably be in the news and Ohio State would receive more publicity and attention than it actually needed after the loss of Tressel. The investigation would have been carried out and most likely – the way that 90% of these things work out – Pryor would be tagged with more suspensions and Ohio State would more than likely be ripped of it’s 2011 Sugar Bowl win over Arkansas. This is definitely why Pryor was advised to leave, before things got too extreme and he was stuck sitting on the sidelines all year.

Now think…when has barely any media attention, no egos, and virtually no expectations – still with the talent in the run and pass games that Ohio State has – ever added up to cause a team harm? That’s what I’m saying, now that Tressel and Pryor are gone after months upon months of a down spiral, the Buckeyes have a chance to start on the ground level and sneak their way back up the ladder – deserving every step that they climb. Not to mention the fact that NCAA might die down a bit after all this commotion in Columbus, maybe saving the Buckeyes their Sugar Bowl win in early January of this year. Although, now that USC lost their 2004 win over Oklahoma in the Championship game, it’s a little far-fetched Ohio State will maintain what was a great win in the 2011 Sugar Bowl game.

So now with Pryor gone, only time will tell what the Buckeyes will do with the hand that they have been dealt. Many questions are yet to be answered dealing with their starting line-up for the first five games of next season and how they will respond to such a rancid offseason. Although, one thing is for sure, Luke Fickell has one hell of a job has been placed down in front of him. The only reason Ohio State will be in the news now is if they hire a new coach. So where, who, or what do the Buckeyes turn to now? Only time will tell the story.

  1. MurkInDaQua says:

    Throughout the season OSU will still be looked at, and often called, the Pryor-less and Tressel-less Buckeyes. Also, regardless of whether he leaves or not, they will continue the investigations. They still have a good chance of losing the Sugar Bowl victory since he played and several of the allegations against him were prior (no pun intended) to the game, just as USC lost their championship years later. I also think it benefits OSU because they will not have to worry about having wins vacated from this upcoming season.

  2. Mohammed Hedadji says:

    It honestly isnt that big of a deal. Ohio state will never be a bad team. Pryor had an OK year and apperently the sugar bowl is something to be proud of. Honestly he wasnt even that important to their program. They have an amazing O line and they could turn me into a great rushing quarterback. with that said the smaller Texas longhorns quarterback Gerret Gilburt had more rushing yards last season than pryor and a long list of other college quarterbacks had more passing touchdowns than him. Jim tressel is the real problem. his recruting ability and his offensive charisma will deffinately be missed by the Ohio State buckeyes. i predict they go 7-5 next season and if they can turn it around with some new passing threats, i think they could go 11-1 10-2 the next year. its deffinately not going to be too long before ohio state is back in the conversation for some prestigious bowls.

    • mceagle611 says:

      Good comment Mohammed. Everyone has their own opinion and yours is certainly one of the ones that should be accepted but I guess we’ll never know the true focal points of where the problem lied. I agree that they will squeak out a winning season next year due to the overwhelming talent that they have in Posey and Herron after they return from suspension. However, it will take a good QB to go with one or two losses and I do not think they will have that when the 2012 – 2013 season rolls around

  3. […] frankly my interest in the topic was elicited by former Ohio State QB Terrelle Pryor leaving Ohio State and declaring for the NFL Supplemental Draft. The Supplemental Draft, for those who do not know, […]

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