NBA Finals Game 4: Recap and Looking Forward

Posted: June 8, 2011 by mceagle611 in Sports
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For two and a half hours last night, it was not one player that took over the game. It was not done on the offensive end of the floor, nor did anyone make extremely flashy shots. We’ve finally reached the point in the season where the last two teams, the Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat, have the golden gleam of the Larry O’Brien trophy in their sights. So the two teams, in the heat of the game, were getting it done on the defensive end of the floor. Every basket was crucial and Free Throws would prove to mean everything.

With Barea now in the starting line-up for Dallas, they looked to add a different element to their – other than Nowitzki – struggling offense and potent defense. Right from the get-go everyone thought that Dirk was going to have one of those nights that nobody would ever forget as he opened up 3 for 3 from the field. However the first quarter progressed and things started to get a little more even keel as the Heat caught up to the flaming hot Mavs, tying the score at the end of the quarter. Coming back from that break Dirk was shown with a towel over his head and the news was then surfaced that he had a 101 degree temperature. Consequently, every NBA fan probably had some thought pop into their head kind of like if Dirk isn’t on, then the Mavericks will lose…guess again.

For the first game in the series the Dallas role players were the story of the game. Surprising, Jason “the JET” Terry, DeShawn Stevenson – who had been removed from the starting line-up -, and Tyson Chandler all filled the gaping hole that Dirk providing with his sick spell. Then, finally when the fourth quarter arrived it was all about who was going to make plays down the stretch. The game was essential for Dallas to win because of the facts such as in a 2-3-2 format teams are 1-20 when down 2-1 – coincidentally the only team to win after being down 2-1 was the Heat against the Mavericks in 2006. How about the fact that teams have never come back from a 3-1 deficit in the Finals. All these would later add up to spark Dallas in the blood battle that was the fourth quarter.

Run after run by each team provided entertainment as well as the important fact, whoever would go on the last run would likely win the game. With half a minute left the Mavericks had possession in a tie ball game…who do you think the ball was going to? Sick or not, Dirk Nowitzki, and he hit Haslem up with a sick crossover to get to the basket and lay it in with 14.4 seconds left. The Mavericks would not be denied a win to tie the series as the Heat did not get off a good shot; Mike Miller’s 35-foot fade-away was an air-ball and the game was over. The combination of LeBron James being cold, having a career playoff-low 8 points, and Dwayne Wade missing a needed free throw for the Heat late in the game made it easy for Dallas to pull off their most important game of the season…thus far.

Now although the Heat had attained home court advantage in Game Three, Dallas has a chance to win on Thursday making a NBA Championship one game away. At this point in the series, one almost has to look at it like it’s 0-0. A three game series that is going to test the players’ minds; how will they respond? Now it’s not about physical talent. Now roughly 100 games into the season, it’s somewhat about talent, a little flash, and the offensive end; you could argue it’s about superstars, dunks, and impossible shots. But, at the end of the day, in this ‘three game series’, it’s about grit, defense team defense, and putting the ball in the basket by any means necessary.

Now to quote the latest hire by the Golden State Warriors, Mark Jackson, “Defense wins Championships.” Ladies and Gentleman, fasten your seat-belts, we are in for some of the best games in NBA Playoff history.

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