Artist On the Rise: Shane Eli

Posted: June 5, 2011 by eptarheels23 in Artist On the Rise, Music
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As Shane Eli states “Kings rule over the people. But a champion? A champion is of the people, a figure who carries their joys and pains on his shoulders. We have too many kings, what we need now is a champion. Shane Eli is a champion.” That is quite the statement, calling yourself a champion and saying you carry the will of the people. But let me state that Shane Eli lives up to that statement 100% and even goes a little beyond. He is reminiscent of a younger version of Drake except that he can do even more, including producing and writing all of his own records. He is part of a new wave of do it all rappers coming out of the west coast and he is towards the top of that list.

Shane Eli reps Los Angeles but has lived in many different places which have a huge influence in his music. He was originally born in Canada and then his mother and him moved to the Bahamas were he spent most of his childhood. Shane Eli was a late bloomer when it comes to making music. He didn’t start until college where as you see guys who start in their early teens. This makes you think that he is really inexperienced; however he doesn’t sound like that at all. He has a very polished and distinct sound to his songs as he is one of the top rapper/producers today. Shane Eli was also an exceptional athlete as he left behind a football scholarship to focus on his music. Despite all of this, Shane Eli has zero background when it comes to making music and has stated that that made it difficult for him at times. He has also said that he draws inspiration from everything from Ella Fitzgerald to The Clash. Showing his versatility, he has produced for artists from Earth, Wind and Fire to Diggy and has opened in concert for artists such as Ludacris, J. Cole, Talib Kweli and Common. Shane Eli’s first effort, called The Push, was a solid effort and gave us an introduction to who Shane Eil is as an artist. It featured standouts such as Grey Area, Push and I Wonder but the best song of the entire tape (and my favorite Shane Eli song) was Taste of What’s to Come. The bass on it is crazy and Shane Eli spits some crazy lines, must, and I mean must listen. Shane Eli’s second tape, I Can Do Better, was a great sophomore effort and it showed the tremendous improvement between his first and second efforts. It also had features from artists such as Playboy Tre, Rittz and Aleon Craft. There are many great tracks that come to mind on I Can Do Better such as Guillotine, Boarding Pass, When We Were Kings and Let’s Ride but the true standout of the mixtape is When No One Cares. Shane Eli pulls back the curtain here for this somber cut that feels like drifting through a space of nothingness just thinking. It is the tracks like these that make Shane Eli the great artist that he is.

When it comes to the rappers that produce and write their own music such as J. Cole and Big K.R.I.T., Shane Eli should now be entered in this same category. His ability to drop hard hitting tracks such as Taste of What’s to Come and then drops cuts such as When No One Cares is crazy and shows his versatility as an artist. It’s time to wake up and listen to one of the best new rapper/producers in the game.

I Can Do Better DL:

The Push DL:


Grey Area

When We Were Kings

  1. Biqq Pete says:

    this is just a taste of whats to come…

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