A Look Ahead to Congressional

Posted: June 4, 2011 by mceagle611 in Sports
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With the 2011 US Open on the horizon in Bethesda, Maryland, many players are entering into the field to prove a lot not only to the media and the fans, but themselves. The sixth hosted USGA Championship at Congress Country Club will play host to a number of players with something to show for such as Luke Donald – recently dubbed number one player in golf – and Eldrik “Tiger” Woods – the most dangerous player in golf who has been on a steady decline for quite some time. These two specifically have caught some fire in the past couple months; the difference is that Woods continues to catch the fire and criticism from the press for his injuries, withdrawal at the Players Championship, and overall down fall, while Donald’s game is blazing hot.

Luke Donald, after winning BMW PGA Championship in London last Sunday, comes into the 87-year-old Congressional to prove mainly that he can win in a major championship while he in on top. For the Englishmen – who resides in Chicago and is a graduate of Northwestern University – contending and losing is not good enough. See in the eyes of many, Tiger Woods having a strangle hold on the number one spot in golf for 529 weeks in his career and arguably being the best closer in major tournaments in the history of the PGA set the bar very high for fans’ standards of what the number one player should be able to do. Although I don’t want you to think that all the hype will go to Donald’s head because he has proven time in and time out that he is one of the steadiest players and he has one of the most complete games in golf right now.

There are a short list of players on the PGA Tour, right now, that demonstrate a constant control of their long and short iron games alike; Donald is one of those players. The man demonstrates his control by simply putting it on the green, frequently getting up and down extremely well, and – just to put the icing on the cake – Donald is the head endorser of Mizuno. Mizuno specializes in what type of clubs? That’s right…fairways woods and irons.

One of the only players, however, on the list of hitting the craziest trouble shots under pressure would be one of the previous number one player and fist-pumping champion, Tiger Woods. Woods of course had been struggling for the past year with the divorce involving his ex-wife Elin Nordegren. Now he has been looking to get back on his game by changing up his swing, hiring a new swing coach, and having 1.5 rounds so far that actually looked like the real Tiger Woods – the second round and front nine of his final round at the Masters in Augusta. Clearly not the way he wanted to start his ‘comeback’ and now there is chatter that Woods might not even the five more majors he needs to surpass the Golden Bear – Jack Nicklaus – for the most major championship wins of all-time; likely cementing his place as the greatest golfer to ever play the game.

So with that said Tiger seeks to do possibly just the opposite as Luke Donald; contend for the championship at Congressional Country Club and just shows everyone – more importantly himself – that he can still do it the way he has been doing it for years, like Tiger Woods. And maybe, just maybe, if Tiger’s Knee and Achilles Tendon are willing to not cause him much trouble this weekend then we might see a glimpse of what we have been missing for the past two years; doubtful. Although, I’m pretty sure everyone ruled him out with a terrible ACL injury in 2008 at this same event in Torres Pines and Tiger took us all on a magical journey that no one will soon forget.

To recap, Luke Donald and Tiger Woods are just two of the many players in the field for the US Open – starting June 16th – that have a form of motivation. Donald to prove he deserves at the top and Woods to prove that he is actually still Eldrick “Tiger” Woods who would never be a the bottom. Nobody said it was going to be easy for these two PGA superstars to win the US Open but something tells me we will be seeing at least one of the two near the top of the leaderboard while this Congressional drama plays out. I could be wrong, but – again based on if the injury affects Tiger’s game once more – it’s hard to side against the world’s number one and possibly the best player to play the game – even if he’s not playing well, he’s got a shot at any tournament in which he plays.

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    tigers comin back

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