Welcome to America Ricky Rubio

Posted: June 3, 2011 by mceagle611 in Sports
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“Ricky Rubio, huh? I’ll believe it when I see it…,” were the words from Kevin Love’s tweet on late Wednesday as he, along with the world, discovered that the ex-FC Barcelona guard was finally headed to the NBA. The 20-year-old was drafted in 2009 to the Timberwolves of Minnesota, but after a dispute in regard to his Euroleague contract in Barcelona the NBA prohibited his buyout under the collective bargaining agreement – saying that no team can spend more than $500,000 in regard to a contract buyout when Rubio’s was worth over 6.0 million dollars. Now that Rubio has remained in Spain, however, the cost of his contract buyout has been lowered to a manageable 1.4 million dollars in which the T-Wolves can pay $500,000.

I have heard very good things about the Spaniard do-it-all athlete; and apparently so has everyone else as there are multiple perspectives leading everyone to believe that Rubio is possibly the best European prospect in history. This is a fair assumption as the 6’4″ guard has a 6’9″ wing span, is a ferocious defender, and is a team player; something that is key to building a franchise. As Kevin Love – 2011 most improved player of the year – continued on his twitter rave Wednesday night he hinted that he was excited about what could happen on a Love and Rubio led team. “Just thinking about the pick and rolls…goodnight.” And later, “Pick….N….Rolls.” It is clear that Love has good goals in mind for what Minnesota will look like and what they will play like as a unit, but he will unfortunately have to wait. Rubio’s Barcelona team made it to the Euroleague Finals, therefore the Minnesota-bound guard – struggling with injury – will be coming off the bench to support his team until their season has drawn to a close in mid-June. At this time – to my knowledge – Minnesota will announce Rubio as the newest addition to the worst team in the NBA.

Rubio will be placed into a sticky situation in Minnesota as their best player, Love, is coming off of one of the best years a young player in the NBA has ever had at his position; yet there was a clear lack of talent surrounding the Big Fella. Yet, as I have seen his highlight mixtape the kid has game! Rubio is unselfish with the rock, extremely quick, has his handles and fundamentals down to a tee, and will be the most creative passing point guard in the game since the Canadian Steve Nash entered the game; in fact Rubio’s game does indeed reflect that of Nash.

The optimism for Rubio does not stop here because of the insightful comments from the Spanish national team center and current LA Lakers center Pau Gasol. “He’s a special player and a very good point guard, very unselfish. He’s got great size, great length. He knows how to play the game very well. He’s got a great feel for the game. He’s just a guy that will get the team going and do what he needs to do.” If anyone still wants to make an educated argument against the giant change the Rubio could bring to the Timberwolves franchise and the problem he could cause for many of the league’s team on a night-to-night basis, I would like to hear that argument because they have clearly never seen a player with a lot of potential.

The beautiful thing about the position that Ricky Rubio is about to fall in line with is that there is not going to be a lot of pressure on him to perform well in his first years in the league, and he is starting on the ground level with a young franchise that he, and Love, could build up to skyscraper levels together. He’s not going to be the star and his job is to make someone else look good, thus making himself look good. Wait! This looks familiar…can anybody say the next Steve Nash/Amar’e Stoudemire duo? I can dig it.

After a few years of hard times in this Minnesota Timberwolves franchise things are starting to look up. After the departure of the Big Ticket, Kevin Garnett, and Wally Szczerbiak the Wolves have gone through a rebuilding era and now the light is starting to shine in Minnesota again. So if there are any true T-Wolves fans out there reading the blog, i’ma give you a shout out because you’ve had to watch your team be on the low-end of the NBA for a sum of years now. Although now the whole league can see that with this acquisition finally transacting, the duo of Ricky Rubio and Kevin Love can lead Minnesota to the promise land.

  1. Biqq Pete says:

    minnisota needs more than just rubio…

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