Game 2 Recap – The Comeback and The Crumble

Posted: June 3, 2011 by mceagle611 in Sports
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One of the most memorable moments in NBA Finals history was led by the big man for the Dallas Mavericks, Dirk Nowitzki, on Thursday night in Game 2 in South Beach, Miami, Florida. In the thick of a third quarter tie – a key point in the game where either team had the opportunity to carry momentum and a lead into the fourth quarter – Miami seized control of the game as they ran their fast paced, up tempo style offense and lockdown defense. The crowd was very into to it, and at one point in the fourth quarter the Heat created an atmosphere equating that of the NBA All-Star Game. It seemed like every single possession Miami would push the tempo off a rebound or steal, having the numbers in their favor each time, pass ahead, and finish with an emphatic put-down. The Heat went up by 15 points with a Dwayne Wade fall-away three ball on the break off an assist from Mario Chalmers; at this point I was thinking that the game had drawn to a close and Miami would need two more games for a sweep.

Miami was absolutely running the Dallas Mavericks out of their shoes – as you can see by the fast breaks in the highlight video – and it appeared as though they had no motive to let their foot off the gas pedal. Well allow me to be the first to tell if you fell asleep at this point in the game and assumed the Heat won, that Nowitzki had other ideas about how the game was going to end.

Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle took the podium around midnight on Friday morning after the game. Carlisle told the press that after the Wade three he quickly called timeout and expressed to his team to ‘keep the hope’ and ‘cut it down one possession at a time starting with a 4-0 run.’ Really this is the only way to attack a team that has proven to be unstoppable in the closing stages of the game. Now, finally, we have found the Heats kryptonite – losing focus after having the lead in the fourth quarter.

Carlisle’s team came out of the timeout guns hot as Dirk led his Mavericks to victory with the last 9 points in a closing 22-5 Dallas run. Capping the remarkable moment with an absolutely electric move resulting in a lay-up with 3.6 seconds (pictured above) that sent the crowd into a cold silence. Dwayne Wade’s 40 foot heave at the buzzer hit the back iron and didn’t go; sending the series back to Dallas with the Mavericks now having possession of home court advantage (series tied 1-1). So I guess we have determined – until proven otherwise – that it is better to give the Heat a fourth quarter lead and let them blow it as opposed to having them come from behind and win with show stopping plays in dramatic fashion.

Veterans Nowitzki and Jason Kidd of the Mavericks are at two different points in their careers, but the fact remains that the two of them are chasing the ring that is three games away from them with equal effort. This veteran team is full of different types of players including the previously mentioned Kidd and Nowitzki, making them as lethal as the Heat, if not more dangerous, now that the series has shifted over to Dallas.

With Game Two in the books, a couple of question were left for us to ask; questions that will hopefully be answered by the time the buzzer has sounded in Game Three. LeBron, particularly surprised the viewing audience because he – of all people – wasn’t able to hit the shots he has been hitting for a month now down the stretch. He really did not get the ball to make a move in the half-court until the last few minutes of the fourth quarter. Specifically LeBron received the rock and took a three without any movement of the ball with about two minutes left; got the ball tipped back out, recycled the possession, and missed another three. How will LeBron respond off a slow night? How will Wade rebound after one of his best games of the season that resulted in a loss? Finally will Kidd and Nowitzki get the job done for Dallas and win the Larry O’Brien for the first time in franchise history?

The answers to come on Sunday at 8:00.

  1. Chris Ross says:

    Very good article here. I don’t think this Miami meltdown is a sign of things to come. It was a meltdown of epic proportions for sure but it still doesn’t take away from the fact that Miami has been the better team for a very large portion of this series. The Mavericks were lucky that the Heat let down for 7 minutes. Dirk Nowitzki was something else in those last few minutes and the Heat went back to their old ways earlier in the season of bad shots. It’s another lesson learned for the Miami Heat who have shown us all season that they do have the resilience to overcome these types of things. All the adversity has made them a better team and I don’t see why this will be any different. Also, you think you could check out my blog cuz I’d love to hear what you have to say.

    • mceagle611 says:

      Agreed, it won’t happen again, as they will probably be coming from behind in most of their games on the road anyways. I’ll give you site a look soon man

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