Artist On the Rise: Tayyib Ali

Posted: June 3, 2011 by eptarheels23 in Artist On the Rise, Music
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In 2010 a relatively unknown kid from Philadelphia, PA dropped his debut single Kid Again and before he knew it, he was opening for the likes of Sam Adams and Shwayze. Meet Tayyib Ali, an 18 year old who since the age of ten has had the desire to become a rapper. It began as an intrest and slowly turned into his passion and desire. And with all the countless hours he has put into his ability, I can say he is pretty damn close to perfecting it. After the release of his sophomore mixtape, Keystone State of Mind, Tayyib Ali has reached a new level and is now perfroming with artists such as Wiz Khalifa, Chiddy Bang, CyHi Da Prynce and Mac Miller. Tayyib Ali has some things that most rappers *cough..OJ Da Juiceman..cough* would kill to have, and that is talent and the desire to succeed.

Upon the release of multiple singles and his freshman mixtape, Eighteen, Tayyib started to gain a huge following in the New England area. Eighteen featured many standouts such as the first single Kid Again, The Right Time, Cold World and What My Father Told Me. On Kid Again Tayyib describes how he wants to have the carefree lifestyle of a kid. Overall Eighteen was a pretty good debut for the rookie from Philly, but it is no where near on the level of his recently released sophomore mixtape, Keystone State of Mind. It is packed front to back with great listens that showcase Tayyib Ali’s lyrical ability and flow. The tape starts out with Get Up as Tayyib raps over a piano laden beat and he showcases some strong vocals towards the end. The next track, Keystone State of Mind, is my favorite of the entire tape as Tayyib flows perfectly over a mellow beat that still gets your head nodding. The next excellent records are a string of three straight with Amazing, Girlfriend and I’m Alright. All these tracks are more up-tempo songs and despite the mellow tone so far, however they don’t throw the tape off course. The beat on Do It is flat out sick and he flows perfect with it. Next up is California Love where Tayyib speaks about how he has spread to the west coast and how his life has changed since he has reached stardom. Tayyib Ali closes out the mixtape strong with stellars hooks from Danika Lee and Dave Patten. They both seem to blend perfectly with Tayyib Ali and add alot to each song.

Philly is filled with tons of up and coming rappers, but Tayyib Ali might be at the top of that list. He brings more to the table with the content in his lyrics, which separates him from the rest of the pack. I have no doubt that Keystone State of Mind will definitely cause Tayyib Ali to blow up and join the likes of Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller and Chiddy Bang as the next bing thing out of the great state of Pennsylvania.

Download: Tayyib Ali – Eighteen
Download: Tayyib Ali – Keystone State of Mind

Kid Again

Keystone State of Mind


I’m Alright

Get Up

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