Artist On the Rise: Rockie Fresh

Posted: June 2, 2011 by eptarheels23 in Artist On the Rise, Music
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Think Chicago has enough rap superstars already in artists such as Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Common and Twista? Well, think again and let me introduce you to 19 year old Rockie Fresh. An upcoming artist with tight rhymes and fresh beats, Rockie Fresh is destined for greatness. In 2009 Rockie Fresh released his debut project titled, Rockie’s Modern Life which went unheard by most including me. But upon the release of his new tape The Otherside, which he released in December, he started to catch everyone’s attention. The Otherside had 15,000 downloads in the first week and 30,000 overall. It has been praised for its overall value and depth. Since then Rockie Fresh has opened on tour for artists such as Rick Ross, Big Sean, The Cool Kids, Twista and Chip Tha Ripper. Come and see why everyone should mention Rockie Fresh with the list of other Chicago rap giants.

The tape The Otherside starts off with a track called A.C. Green. Named after the NBA player of the same name, A.C. Green was known for his scrappiness and hustle and Rockie Fresh really embodies that aspect of the song and it shows. The beat on this one is very dark and eerie, the almost cinematic background is the perfect sound for Rockie Fresh to drops lines such as, “Think I need an intervention, drunk off these punchlines, serial killing tracks, b***h, I’m the captain of crunch time”. Over a Kanye West sampled hook, this song almost seems to portray Rockie as a younger version of Kanye West. All in all, a good listen. On The Worth over a rock influenced beat, Rockie really shines and shows how good he can really become. He flows really well on his first verse and Mike Golden adds to the overall value of the song. Another standout in the tape is Living featuring Naledge, of Kidz In the Hall, and Phil Ade. Naledge and Phile Ade really showed up and shined on this track, with Rockie anchoring the song. The best song off the tape might be So Gone. This song absolutely bangs from start to finish and might showcase Rockie’s ability to flow perfectly over a track the best. While it may not be the best track lyrically, as it is about partying, it is still a great song. I’m not a fan of As Far As You Let Me, but it’s scary how much it reminds me of the So Far Gone version of Drake. The last standout, and maybe even best track, is The Otherside featuring a hook from Rich Hil. The flow from Rockie on this record is ridiculous as he drops insane line after insane line, such as “when they want a hit, I’m battin’/Baton like Rouge” and “I’m about to make it Big, no Pun intended” (props if you understand that last one). With solid tracks from start to finish, it was great sophomore effort from Rockie Fresh.

Rockie has showed tremendous improvement between his freshmen and sophomore efforts and has a ton of momentum at the moment. With the re-release of The Otherside coming out titled The Otherside Redux, featuring remixes and unreleased tracks from the original tape and features from Lil B, Casey Veggies, Phil Ade, Rich Hill and Naledge and more, the sky truly is the limit for Rockie Fresh.

Download: Rockie Fresh – The Otherside

The Otherside (feat. Rich Hil)

Living (feat. Naledge & Phil Ade)

They Don’t Understand Why

Duckin’ ‘n’ Dodgin’ (feat. Casey Veggies)

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    niqqa straight fire

  2. […] back at the beginning of this blog I wrote an Artist On the Rise on Rockie Fresh and I have been quietly, highly anticipating the release of his new project, The Otherside Redux. […]

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