Who Will Be Crowned This Year’s King of the Rock?

Posted: June 1, 2011 by mceagle611 in Sports
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Courtesy of redbullusa.com

The term Streetball is properly defined as a type of informal basketball played especially in Urban areas such as parks and playgrounds, but to a large sum of the basketball playing community the terms “Pick-Up” and “Streetball” mean so much more. In addition, this year, for the second year in a row, Streetball’s meaning escalates.

Allow me to introduce the Red Bull King of the Rock competition. Perhaps you’ve seen the commercial?


I was astonished when I first viewed the commercial because it seemed like it would be intriguing not only to myself but to a number of basketball fans. Although, without the proper publicity, the event seems to not be getting as much attention as it rightfully deserves. For this reason, I looked into researching the competition with a little more enthusiasm during a laid back period at school and found one of the hidden treasures in all of American sporting.

You see, this “King of the Rock” 1-on-1 competition is set up to start with qualifiers along different portions of the United States with the ultimate goal of making it into a 64 man field final. Two players play on each of the four courts set up at each of the locations with regular two and three-point scoring. The rules, however, make the game a little more enthralling as each matchup is a 5-minute, running clock, 5 foul limit grudge match – I think the 5 foul equivalent to an automatic lose is a bit absurd but I’m willing to go along with it. Beginning June 18, these qualifiers – to my knowledge – are a quick way to determine whether or not players have some game or some shame. There are 32 locations that Red Bull is going to visit and each location has a 64 man tournament very similar to the final. However, even though the players battle to see who wins the tournament, if you are inside the top 2 then you move onto the final. The very fast-paced qualifier and the dramatic final both contain the same rules, specified above, and the same single elimination make up with a referee and a scorekeeper assigned to each half-court game. The final competition happens over a two and a half hour period held at the renowned Alcatraz Penitentiary (a.k.a. The Rock- where the name of the competition derives from) in San Francisco, California.

Players will battle their hearts out in these matchups – almost literally – as they will be faced head to head with their next opponent, if they win their previous matchup, almost immediately until the tournament is over. Therefore it is not only the skill on the court that counts, rather it is one’s endurance that will become a factor the deeper into the tournament that the participants travel.

Hosted by Boston Celtics All-Star Point Guard, Rajon Rondo, the tournament does contain a kicker that makes every one of these 64 players compete to their maximum ability is the reward; a $10,000 cash prize. For this reason, on this coming September 18th, the field will simply come to ball or be stricken from the penitentiary walls in a bloody, hardcore battle for some mad coin. It all boil down to one question once qualifiers start later this month: Whose going to gain access to The Rock?

And one more thing…rumor has it that there will be something involved with the event in our own Chapel Hill, North Carolina, on July 8th. This event with this “And 1” feel will create a buzz around the area for sure!

  1. Max says:

    Great story but you failed to mention Jason Kidd again

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