Artist On the Rise: Luke Christopher

Posted: May 31, 2011 by eptarheels23 in Artist On the Rise, Music
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Allow me to introduce you to the next big thing to make music, Luke Christopher. He is an 18 year old MC/ singer/producer/song writer who reps the west coast. Despite being only 18, his lyrics and wordplay seem years beyond what a normal 18 year old thinks like. Some people have even called him “Drake, Bruno Mars and B.o.B all wrapped into one”, which is an amazing comparison considering the talents those artists posses. Come and find out what all the hype is about, and be able to say you were one of the first ones to have heard of Luke Christopher.

Luke Christopher started off wanting to rap as a 13 year old, hoping to find a way to thoroughly express himself and the way he feels. And so he discovered the magic of making music. Luke Christopher does everything when it comes to the topic of music; he produces, writes, raps, and sings all of his records. He doesn’t need any help, the sign of a truly talented musician. Luke Christopher has stated that he draws inspiration from the likes of Stevie Wonder, Common, Kanye West and Coldplay. Those are some true musical geniuses to take after and look to. But despite all of his, Luke Christopher is in a weird situation. And that situation is that he has only released a total of four songs. Yeah that’s right, four songs. Now you’re probably wondering why there is so much hype surrounding him. Well that’s because the songs show the potential that he possesses and how much how a true superstar he can become. The first of those four songs is titled The Social Network and as you can guess from the title, it is over a revamped version of the theme music from the movie of the same name. This track really showcases Luke Christopher’s talents as an MC and introduces us to how he is. The beat starts off slow and then when it drops, there is no doubt your head will begin to nod to the beat. Luke Christopher drops some dope lines, such as “rappers say a lot of s***t, but rarely do they speak”, “life ain’t really changed, I think it’s just evolved” and “if she want it, she can get it, just send a friend request, if you want more of something, just think about it less”. This track is an absolute must listen. The next song is The Rescuer. This track really shows how Luke Christopher can switch up his flow, going from slow and methodic to rapid fire wordplay. The interlude between Luke Christopher’s verses and at the end sound like something out of a Disney movie and Luke Christopher even drops a line to go along with that theme, “why can’t she be Rapunzel, let down here f*****g hair”. This sound could easily be a hit or miss with most people, but for me it’s a complete bulls-eye. This is also a great listen, and I would highly suggest doing so. The third of the four tracks is Rooftops featuring Asher Roth. This is a solid, overall track as Luke Christopher and Ash Roth trade bars over a beat that is smooth and soulful. A pretty good listen, especially if you’re a fan of the prep rapper, Asher Roth. The last song is titled By This River and is where Luke Christopher tells the story of the recent tragedy in Japan. This track really shows how emotional and lyrically impressive Luke Christopher is; also how aware Luke Christopher of global issues and such. With these four tracks, Luke Christopher showcases everything from lyrics to flow to producing, he’s got it all.

With these four tracks you can see why there is so much hype surrounding this 18 year old from the west coast. He can do everything you would ever want in an artist. With an official mixtape on the way (fingers crossed), which means a full set of songs, Luke Christopher is bound to take off and make a name for himself.

The Social Network

The Rescuer

Rooftops (feat. Asher Roth)

By This River

  1. Joe Simmons says:

    The By This River joint is by far his best work. He shows a lot of versatility in his style though. Good pick.

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