All Because of a Couple of Tattoos : Tressel Out at Ohio State

Posted: May 30, 2011 by mceagle611 in Sports
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As I woke up this morning, being the huge Ohio State football nut that I am, I heard the worst news I could have possibly heard – Jim Tressel is resigning as the Head Coach at Ohio State. In my opinion this event is something that is not good for college football, but it is indeed necessary. For months now the head man at Ohio State had been struggling along after news broke that he covered up a message dealing with his players selling their OSU memorabilia in order to receive tattoos and that this tattoo artist was currently under investigation. I, along with every other OSU and Tressel fan, was in denial that he would leave his daily job at the Horseshoe because before I always had that sentimental feeling about Tressel and that he was the man who could do it all for Ohio State; there was no way he was going to topple down in this manner.

The man led Ohio State to 1 national championship (2003 in a game that some say was the greatest championship game of all time), 2 other national championship appearances, a record of 106-22, a winning percentage second highest in school history, and – most importantly – beating Michigan 9 out of 10 seasons. Now if you don’t think it is a big deal that Tressel is leaving Ohio State then you must not know anything about the sport. These numbers only highlight what the Buckeyes will be losing in their head coach, and it’s unfortunate to say the least.

As Luke Fickell will be taking over as Interim Head Coach for the football team, there is speculation and questions to answer as to who will be the finally replace The Sweatervest. I’ve heard many coaching options over the last couple days but none more meaningful than ex-UF man and Ohio native; Urban Meyer. Even before this news broke today I had heard his name come up as one of the main people Ohio State was targeting if they were to dismiss Tressel. Any Ohio State fan has to be very excited, despite the loss, because now OSU fans will be looking for that light at the end of the tunnel; now they have that light. Rumors have been coming out that Meyer is looking into buying a house right next to the university; this along with other speculation makes this switch of all-time coaching greats a little more believable.

The bottom-line is that this was supposed to be the Year of the Buckeye, it was supposed to be the year that OSU would go back to the National Championship (through a BCS system or not) and draw revenge on their crushing defeats in past years handed to them by the LSU Tigers and the Urban Meyer coached Florida Gators by winning it. Up until the point that it was disclosed the Buckeye players made the mistake of selling their own memorabilia to receive tattoos, it appeared as though Ohio State would be the team to beat. They would have had the fastly improving QB Terrelle Pryor behind the ball, some rushing experience in Dan “Boom” Herron, and the unbelievable receiving core of DeVier Posey and Dane Sanzenbacher for the whole season. Rather, now with the loss of Boom Herron, DeVier Posey, Terrelle Pryor, Soloman Thomas (DE), and Mike Adams (OT), the Buckeyes are going to struggle in their first five games to say the least.

Nothing is going to be guaranteed to this inexperience Buckeye team in the first five games of the season, but you bet that it would be one hell of a story if despite this adversity the team could make a comeback and win it all – it’s a stretch…I know, but as a Ohio State fan, i’ve got to keep the hope.

I have one clinching argument to make, and it deals consequently with the players and with the NCAA. Does anyone realize that all this is solved somewhat – I say somewhat because players will continue to use any money they get on tattoos, drugs, etc. – if the NCAA musters up the coin to divvy up among these players giving them a little salary because everyone knows they don’t have time to work for their own money. I know there would be various problems with the issue at hand but you guys are the leaders of Collegiate Sporting and right now there is a problem with player scandal – you need to figure something out.

As I alluded to earlier, this happening is something that is not good for college football, but it is indeed necessary.You can say it was Tressel’s fault for the cover up, the players’ faults for the decision to get tattoos and not thinking the situation through, or the NCAA’s fault for not having the rules somewhat specific to this situation. Although, the one fact remains that this sticky situation could have been taken care of in a more respectable manner.

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    ohio state sucks anyway

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